The Greener Dry Cleaner

​At Your Cleaners and Valetone Cleaners we are committed to being a good steward of the environment.

Your Cleaners and Valetone Cleaners have been named as the only Certified Green Cleaner with four leaves in the Greater Cincinnati area by the Green Cleaners Council.

The Green Cleaners Council performs an in-depth analysis of cleaner’s operating practices, including products, water use, electricity, delivery vehicles, alternative energy sources, energy conservation, hanger recycling and the use of recyclable bags. The council verifies the information, adds up the “eco-points” associated with each issue and rates the cleaner on the environmental sustainability of the business.

We are focused on giving you excellent service and cleaning, and value, in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Beginning with the type of cleaning solution we use in our dry cleaning processes to the hangers we put your freshly cleaned and pressed items on, we care about the long lasting impact these choices will make, well past next season’s new fashions.

​Thinking Green starts with the cleaning process. Most dry cleaners use Perchlorethylene (PERC), a harmful solvent, to dry clean clothes. At Your Cleaners and Valetone Cleaners, we clean clothes using cutting edge, Eco-Friendly equipment and detergents in our Professional Wet and Dry Cleaning.

The advantages of our green cleaning process are:

  • Our Eco-Friendly cleaning does not produce hazardous waste.
  • It’s non-toxic, biodegradable and is similar to the type of cleaners used in hand sanitizer.
  • Can be used with many sensitive fabrics and trim (unlike harsher perc).
  • Your clothes will be odorless, and will not have that chemical smell.
  • Many customers say this is better for their allergies and their children.
  • It is gentler on your clothes, making them look brighter and helping them last longer.

It’s more than just the cleaning process:

  • We use state of the art equipment that is energy efficient.
  • We have reduced the amount of packaging used in each order.
  • Our no waste tagging systems greatly reduces the need for paper.
  • We offer the use of express bags to eliminate the waste of paper and plastic.
  • We not only recycle hangers, we also give our customers special hanger boxes to make it easy for them to participate.
  • Our pickup and delivery van was chosen for its fuel efficiency.
  • Our state-of-the-art machines clean in large loads keeping energy consumption down.
  • We use energy efficient boilers and return systems.
  • We use energy efficient LED lighting inside and outside of our facilities.
  • We are an Energy Star certified small business

At Your Cleaners & Valetone Cleaners, we are a family owned and operated dry cleaner and laundry service business serving our customers in Cincinnati's east side neighborhoods of Anderson, Eastgate, Sumerside, Mt. Carmel, Milford, Terrace Park, Camp Dennison,  Loveland, Newtown, Dry Run, Turpin, Batavia, Amelia and Withamsville for over 50 years.  Our philosophy is to surpass the convenience expectations of today’s time-challenged consumer using aa Eco-Friendly cleaning process that leaves clothes clean and fresh that you will keep coming back for.